Voice collaboration for high performing teams

fast. simple. asynchronous.

VoiceLine creates the new standard for smart voice messaging. Our users will experience unprecedented freedom at work and focus on what matters most to them.

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Next level
voice-messaging for business

Best in class voice-to-text
Integrated into existing workflow
Add a VoiceLine to any content
Runs on desktop, mobile and web
Enterprise-level data securtiy
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A smart interface for a better you

Spending too much time on video calls to discuss endless document iterations?

Collaborating ‘on the go’
means bringing your laptop?

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Stay ahead of the curve with VoiceLine

VoiceLine minimizes time spent on communication

7x faster
We speak 7x faster
than we type
Works just as simple as speaking in a meeting or a call
Voice makes a more personal and emotional interaction than text
Work independent of time and place - built for remote teams
One central process for direct workability of incoming actions
Works with your existing
tools and processes

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